Blog / Jyotish
May 22, 2016


The next full Moon will happen on Saturday 21 May at 21h15 UTC.

The energy of this full Moon is quite an intense one (the Moon will be debilitated in Scorpio on the same degree with Mars, Mercury is completely station as it will turn direct later that day, and as the planet of obstacles and patience, Saturn, is blocking the planet of expansion and luck Jupiter and the full Moon). If the full Moon directly influences your natal chart, you might feel a deep-seated anger related with the past or there is a possibility to feel frustrated as things will not go as quickly or as perfectly as you want. Or you may see people under this influence around you.

But everything happens for a reason. Therefore, it is possible to elevate this experience into an inspiring transformation. If you are aware that (as always with full moons but even more so this time) your own or the world’s energy is very powerful and people might feel frustrated, you can remain lucid in the face of problems and delays. You may not be able to change what happens, but you will be able to change how you view the situation.

What kind of change, what kind of upward shift are you requested to go through at this time? Do you need any adjustment to the metamorphosis initiated on the last new Moon? Being aware of those questions will allow you to understand where you stand from the perspective of the bigger scheme. Om Shanti.