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March 27, 2021

Full Moon in Virgo March 28/29, 2021

The next Full Moon happens in Virgo, on March 28, 2021, at 6.48 pm UTC, in Hasta Nakshatra.

People tend to add conditions to happiness.
They think I cannot be happy if this condition is not fulfilled, or if I cannot own this, or if I don’t do that every day.

But sometimes, life does not take us in the direction we want. If we wait until the condition we put to our happiness is fulfilled, we might have to wait for a long time.

Currently, we may have a lot of desires which can bring stress to our life.
Things will improve until the next New Moon in two weeks but why don’t we just start with the little happiness we already have in our life?

We can continue struggling, feeling as if we are drowning, shouting “I so want to be happy!” and frantically moving our arms and legs in the water – but if we stop, we will float automatically.

First, we have to start with the basics like taking time to breathe properly, to clean up our environment, to forget about the conditions we put to our happiness.

If we only look at one tree, we will not be able to see the forest as a whole. By detaching our mind a bit from what we are focused on, we will be able to see what we could not see before. Om Shanti.