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July 8, 2021

New Moon in Gemini July 9/10, 2021

The next New Moon happens on Saturday 10 July at 1.16 am UTC at 23 degrees Gemini, Punarvasu Nakshatra.

To communicate what we want to convey is, at times, not so easy.
We all had our share of misunderstandings and confusion at some point in our life.

Also, the person who talks and the person who listens must have a similar definition of the concepts that are talked about. For example, if the definition of “kindness” for the speaker is different from the concept of the listener, the communication will not go smoothly.

There can be some hidden agenda in what we want to say, and that motive can be intentional or subconscious, what we think may be different from what we say, we may be manipulative, etc. For various reasons, there are so many issues and limits around verbal communication.

If we want to convey what we need/feel/think, we need to be aware of what we really want to say. Then, we purify our words, but in order to do that, we need to purify our mind.

Communication is highlighted until the Full Moon in two weeks. This is a very good opportunity to think about how to communicate and how to say the words that are understood. Om Shanti.