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November 3, 2021

New Moon in Libra November 4/5, 2021

The next New Moon in Libra happens on Thursday 4 November at 9.14 pm UTC, Swati Nakshatra.

Are we breathing?
Of course, it is because we are breathing that we are alive.

But are we breathing properly? Then, we can be a bit less sure about it. Our breathing is ruled by the autonomic nervous system, which rules things like breathing or heart rate. Our body temperature is also maintained automatically.

What can we notice when we turn our attention to breathing rather than ignoring it because it happens automatically?

Are we taking care of ourselves deeply?
Are we working on our energy level? Are we being aware of what happens within us? Are we connected to the light that shines within us?

November 4th is when Diwali is celebrated in India. Diwali is the Festival of Light, which is a New Year Festival that happens when the Sun is a bit weaker every year and when the Moon is very dark as it is just before the New Moon. Let us celebrate this day by lighting an oil lamp so that we can connect to the beautiful light within us and we can witness that from New Moon, the light will grow until the Full Moon. Om Shanti.