October 1, 2016

New Moon in Virgo October 1, 2016

The new moon happened on October 1, at 0h12 GMT.

Some people may have experienced some obstacles or challenging circumstances since February this year. But this period has now faded out, and last solar and lunar eclipses of 2016 are now over. This new moon happens as we can breathe a sigh of relief and try to understand what really happened. Continuous suffering and/or anxiety will eventually affect our physical body. As in the northern hemisphere we shift from summer to autumn, and in the southern hemisphere from winter to spring, it becomes important to look after ourselves. If there is a reason behind obstacles, now may be a good time to reflect on what happened so we can positively use the knowledge in our daily life.

Some people may not have experienced anything too frustrating those past few months. In such case, thinking about how we can be of help to other people for the twelve months will help, as some hints may come your way for the next two weeks until the full moon. Om Shanti.