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April 30, 2022

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries Apr. 30/May 1, 2022

The next New Moon is a Partial Solar Eclipse happening on April 30 at 8.28 pm UTC, 16 degrees Aries, Bharani Nakshatra.

One of the certainties in life is that we are all going to leave this body we were given. This can be, for various reasons, something very fearful for many of us.

The eclipse today may remind us of this. The mind is prone to confusion on the days of the eclipse so it is good to keep life simple. Once we learn how to go with the flow we will be able to accept many things but going with the flow means getting rid of attachments so we have to gradually get used to this state of mind. If we cannot let go, we have to just hang on to it until the time we will be able to. This eclipse is a very good starting point to think about what we can or cannot let go of.

Sometimes we unintentionally resist it and act accordingly. For example, trying to look younger starts from the denial of getting old. Physical ageing definitely happens with time, but the ageing of the mind depends on the person. We can prevent our mind from rusting once we learn how to be of help to other people by using what we experienced and what we learned. There are many ways to do so. It is a good day to do some spiritual practice so we can become once again aware that we are not this body. 

May 3 is a day called Akshaya Tritiya and it is the only day of the year when both the Sun and the Moon are strongest. When we help ourselves or others on that day, or make a donation to a cause that is close to our heart, the effect of the action will be multiplied manifold. Please use the day in the best way you can. Om Shanti.