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July 28, 2022

New Moon in Cancer July 28, 2022

The next New Moon happens on July 28, 2022, at 5.54 pm UTC at 11 degrees 28 in Cancer, Pushya Nakshatra.

If we can only have fun in life, right?
However, we all experience some challenges and suffering at some point.

But because there is suffering, our soul will grow, we will be able to understand other people’s pain and this will strengthen our heart’s “muscles”. What we thought was unbearable in the past has been processed as our own learning and maybe it is helping ourselves and others too.

Because currently, Jupiter is stationing just before turning retrograde, some people may feel things are not progressing as quickly as they want. And some people may feel very upset or irritated because of the Mars-Rahu conjunction that will be exact in a few days. But this too shall pass.
There are many ways of calming our mind but if we know that things will settle in a few days, we can take a deep breath.

The focus of this New Moon is to continue doing what we need to do every day the best we can. Guru’s grace will be given to those who work hard with no or little expectation. Om Shanti.