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August 17, 2017




The next new moon is a total solar eclipse, with the maximum eclipse happening at 18h25 UTC on August 21.
It will be the first total eclipse visible in the USA since February 1979 and the first total eclipse visible from coast to coast since June 1918.

Have you ever thought about your ancestors?
There are more than 2,000 people when we go back only 10 generations.
Each couple had a child, and that child grew up to become a father or a mother, to continue until us.
If at any point reproduction stopped for whatever reason, maybe we would not be here.
Isn’t it a miracle we are alive?

Looking inward (by contemplation, meditation, or whatever method you prefer) is recommended on this eclipse and one of the symbols is the Pitris or the spirit of the ancestors. This is an excellent timing to think about one’s roots and include gratitude in our prayers.

Some people may feel anxiety or fear regarding the eclipse.
If you feel so, please remember about flowers.
Flowers just blossom. Sometimes, they die because of lack of water, someone may pluck it, or some insects may eat it.
But flowers do not complain, and continue blossoming when the right time comes.
We human beings have hopes and wishes because we possess our mind but the mind can also create worries and fear.

We all possess a beautiful, perfect flower inside us.
By looking inward and noticing this beauty within,
we will not be bothered by any outside noise
and we can always come back to the beauty, peace and happiness within us.

Om Shanti.