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September 19, 2017



The next new Moon will happen in Virgo on Wednesday 20 September at 5h30 GMT.

Swami Sivananda’s disciple, Swami Vishnudevananda said “Pain is a blessing. Without the pain we cannot know what the problem is.”

When we feel pain, we sometimes ignore/deny it, or try to numb it or take our mind off it by finding some kind of distraction. Pain usually does not go away in the meantime. Pain has a cause. Sometimes we understand the cause easily (I fell and sprained my ankle) or it can be a tricky journey (when we have pushed the memory causing the pain deep into our subconscious). But pain always shows a problem. It may be difficult to look into where it comes from, and it may take time, but understanding may offer a radical cure to the problem.

Pain can be physical, mental, or spiritual. How can we try to understand the pain we feel? Are we going to suppress it by medication (I am not against medication but sometimes we try to suppress the pain by automatically taking pills without understanding the root cause, which is more important in my view), try to numb it with alcohol, or face it properly with courage? It is a good healing time to think about all this for two weeks until the next full moon. When we lack self-acceptance, we can become our own enemy and inflict pain without meaning it. The answer always lies within us. Om Shanti.