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December 17, 2017



The next New Moon is the last one of 2017 and will happen on December 18th at 6h31GMT. As Saturn is close to this new moon, it will be a pragmatic, realistic, sobering new moon. It is a good time to absorb or spread knowledge in a deep, serious manner.

Mercury retrograde will be over on December 23 but until it goes out of Scorpio on January 6, it will be influenced by Rahu. There is a possibility of an intellectual stroke of a genius with an original vision but also the mind can be disturbed by illusions and misunderstandings.

The end of the year can be busy with holiday travel and family visits, but Saturn’s influence can give the burden of responsibility and hard work. It is important to deal with one thing at a time and always remember to breathe properly.

It is also a season for giving gifts to each other, but if you can donate some money, even if it is a small amount, please do not forget to do so. Money is energy and creating a flow of energy is very important and we always get something back when we give.

Any kind of donation is effective but below are three projects I heartily recommend.

Japanese Yoga teacher Yuko Momose opened a school in Bodh Gaya, Bihar, India
and is looking for support for the education of the children.

My Icelandic friend Thorunn Helgadottir works very hard to educate Kenyan street children and sponsorship is possible thanks to Abby Fegtly’s Blue Door Sponsorship. I personally visited Nairobi 10 years ago and witnessed Thorunn work on her wonderful project with courage and tenacity. A one-off donation is possible as well as paying 40US$ monthly for the education of one child to sponsor.

Medical doctor and astrologer Dr. Charak organises medical camps to provide medical care in villages in India. Donation is possible for the support of those medical camps.

And last but not least, do not forget to donate to Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm

Most of us living in a materialistic society can forget about how precious one single book can be. For the above projects, donated money will not disappear in salaries but will effectively be used for the projects involved. Thank you for your support.

Thank you very much for reading my moon messages again this year. Happy holidays to everyone and I am looking forward to writing more messages in 2018. Om Shanti.