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September 23, 2018



The next full moon will happen on September 25 at 2.53am GMT.

There is something called “vision”.
What kind of person do I want to be. What kind of presence do I really want to become.
Without having grandiose visions of the world, once we start working on ourselves, the world around us will also change.
What is the vision of the future we have?

But we all have a daily life, we all have so many things to do, bills to pay.
And the vision can fade away.

This full moon prompts us to think about this vision again.
Once the vision becomes clear, we become aware of what we concretely have to do.
To achieve this goal, maybe we will have to change ourselves, what we do, what we earn and spend. But if it is for the purpose of how we want to become, changing ourselves may not be so difficult. As we start thinking about our lost vision, the next new moon in two weeks may bring some concrete measures for us to work on. Om Shanti.