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March 19, 2019



The next full moon will take place at 1.43am GMT on March 21, 2019 in Virgo, Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra.

What if a flower could think.
What if the flower thought – I’m too big, I’m too small, I’m not colourful enough, I don’t like my colour, I’m yellow but I want to be pink, I want to be on top of a tree where no man or animal can step all over me, but then again on top of a tree birds come to eat me so I don’t want that, etc. etc. etc.

A flower just blooms and falls, to make place for seeds for the next plant to sprout.

Human beings are not the same. We have a brain. Ha!
So we think. I’m too big, I’m too small, I’m not pretty enough, I don’t like my neighbor’s colour, I’m yellow but I want to be white, I want to earn good money without doing much, I hate my boss because he is mean to me, hey, don’t you dare cutting in line, how come she has a better looking husband than I do, etc. etc. etc.

The genes dictate which size and colour of how the flower will be. Past life Karma will dictate how we will be born. The mind already has some propensities but then we add a lot of information to it; then we start comparing ourselves to others, lament our lot, become fearful of things not to be feared.

We can blossom like a flower, accept our size, colour, environment, take as much nourishment from the earth as available, try to blossom the best we can, then someone will find us and smile at our perfect beauty.

This is something to think about until the next new moon in two weeks. Om Shanti.