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September 27, 2019

New Moon in Virgo September 29, 2019


The next new moon happens on September 28 at 6.26 pm in Virgo, Hasta Nakshatra.

This tree was once a seed.
Once the conditions for it to grow became favourable with enough water, the right temperature and oxygen, the seed germinated and grew and grew.
And it became this big tree. But it had to withstand high winds and stormy weather, lack of water due to the hot summers and also coexist with animals, microorganisms, worms, birds, vines, and human beings to survive. All this was made possible with one seed.

Of course, many seeds may not make it. Sometimes they are eaten by birds or animals, or they rot in the soil because of too much water or dry out for shortage of water. But plants will continue growing. So it is important not to give up and keep on planting good seeds.

Now is not an easy time, and especially on this new moon, some people might feel frustrated by outer circumstances or by inner restlessness, so it is not a time to start new things. But it is an excellent time to plant a new seed. We can think about what is happiness for us. Can we be happy by possessing stuff or succeeding with work? Or being in good health or achieving peace of mind more important? What do we want, and how do we want to become? What conditions are necessary for that? Once we can figure those things out, we will know what kind of seed to plant and how to make it grow.

Then, all we need to do is to watch and wait for the plant to show its true nature. Om Shanti.