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January 9, 2020

Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini January 11, 2020


The next full moon is a penumbral lunar eclipse happening on January 10, 2020, at 7.10 pm in Gemini, Punarvasu Nakshatra.

Many people yearn for peace of mind.
But on the other hand, many people also hope to maintain the status quo.
Healthy people want to remain healthy,
and we may want to keep the same friends, the same job, the same life.
But our peace of mind is the result of the transformation our soul experiences by going through many changes in life.

If we are peaceful in times of happiness and joy
but we lose that peace when we lose balance in some areas of our life,
can it be called true peace of mind?

We aim for peace of mind that is stable no matter what happens.
To that extent, we need to have the courage to accept change and transformation.
We have no control over some situations in life. How are we going to deal with such a situation?
Are we going to continue saying it is somebody else’s fault?
Or are we going to explore what the situation is showing us? As we search deeply the meaning of what is happening, our soul starts its path of growth.

When we realise that our gut reaction comes from a place of fear or anxiety ingrained in our subconscious, or when we become aware that frantically moving our limbs in order to prevent ourselves from drowning is a waste of energy and we start going with the flow, peace of mind might increase. These are some food for thoughts until the next new moon! Om Shanti.