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February 24, 2020

New Moon in Aquarius February 23/24, 2020


Today is the new moon day, which already happened on February 23, 2020, at 3.32 pm UTC in Aquarius, Shatabishak Nakshatra.

Something that may look positive for you currently may not be as it really looks like, but something that may not look positive to you right now may be positive in the long run.
From this new moon until the next full moon in two weeks is a good time to think about what is “positive” and what is not “positive” for you.

For example, you experience a fever that is higher than normal for whatever reason, as the body’s reaction to getting rid of whatever your body does not need.
This is not a positive experience of course. But in order to try to minimise the discomfort and lower the fever, you immediately take some medicine for it. Is this good or is this bad? The answer is not an easy one, as it is the result of various conditions. So one may have to think about the best course of action.

In the same way, when we make a decision during this time, we may have to think about the positives and negatives carefully, including long-term consequences. We always have the free will to choose, so let us choose wisely. If it is not possible to choose now, it may be a good thing to wait until mid-March. Om Shanti.