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June 20, 2020

New Moon/Annular Solar Eclipse June 20/21, 2020


The next new moon is an annular solar eclipse happening on the Summer Solstice on June 21 at 6.40 am UTC. The Nakshatra is Mrigasira.

For the last couple of days, I have been looking for the lid of my water bottle.
I didn’t throw it away so it must be somewhere. I looked everywhere but I could not find it.
Yesterday, as I was looking at my desk, it was right there. I have no idea why it landed on my desk but now that it is found, I can use my water bottle again.

Our happiness is a bit similar.
We think it is somewhere outside so we look for it everywhere.
Then we encounter many obstacles. Our mother who didn’t give us enough love, the boss who gives us work that we don’t like, people who bully us or who insults us, people who don’t acknowledge us despite our best efforts to advertise ourselves, the Coronavirus that prevents us to sell our products, global warming, heat, cold, the Olympic Games that are postponed, cancelled events, you name it. Everything is there to prevent our happiness.

And we try our best to get past those obstacles to find our happiness.
What influences this journey is our mind. We look at the world with a filter called the mind. With our five senses, we feel we are upset, we are hurt, we love, we hate, we find it cute, we find it pitiful. We are born on this earth to feel.

But happiness is right in our face. We are already happy as we are. Just like the lid of my water bottle that was sitting there in front of me.
Our soul is perfect and happy. It is our mind that is trapped in Maya, the world of illusion. In our birth chart, the Moon signifies the mind. This is why in Jyotish we take the Moon as the most important planet in the chart. Every day the Moon goes through a different Nakshatra or lunar mansion. Every 2 to 3 days the Moon passes through a different sign. The Moon experiences something different every day. The mind also changes every minute, every hour. The key to our peace of mind is how we can stabilise our mind. Waking up or having a meal at the same time every day, eating food that is good for us, creating a steady routine is the first step to the stability of our mind.

Once our mind is stable, we will be able to cope with obstacles in a more objective way. If we have fewer filters in our mind, it becomes easier for us to find a solution. Then we can enjoy our life without being trapped.
But if we continue frantically moving our arms and legs because we feel we are drowning, not only our mind will not be at peace, and we won’t find any solution, but sooner or later we will become exhausted.

During an eclipse, the light temporarily dims so it can bring out any fears or concerns that we carry inside of us.
If an eclipse directly hits a natal chart, our mind will waver. But if we are aware of our tendencies and the timing of the planetary transits, we can have an insight as to why our mind wavers and when it will happen.

The influence of this eclipse will gradually fade and last until approximately February 2021. If we can understand why we feel unsettled, it is a great opportunity to understand how to steady our mind. Let us make the most of it during this eclipse season. Om Shanti.