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July 8, 2016


The new moon was on July 3rd, and belatedly this is my message until the next full moon.

You may have heard about “catharsis”. It is a word of Greek origin, and Aristotle used it to signify a purging of the emotions especially through watching tragedies and experiencing fear and/or pity. In medical terms it can mean a digestive purgation, and in terms of psychiatry it can mean a therapy to bring to the surface some deeply pent-up emotions and try to alleviate the symptoms or to find a permanent relief of the conditions.

Catharsis can happen at unexpected moments. It is interesting to see when it happened and how effective the catharsis was, but I also take it as a preparation to bring in new energy.  Everybody has some kind of undigested emotions. Even if you become aware of some of them, please do not try to forcefully purify or purge them, but if we can spend some time just gently holding them without judgement, catharsis will happen. Be nice to, and love ourselves – just as we are, not as how we should be – is the first step. I see too many people being hard on themselves because – consciously or unconsciously – they are not the perfect self they would love to be.

Next full moon will be on July 20, and it will be Guru Purnima, the full moon to be grateful to all our Gurus or teachers. Not only to people who are your “academic” or “spiritual” teachers but anyone who teaches you is your teacher, even the people who teach you how not to behave. It is a day to be thankful to any teacher in your life. Om Shanti.