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July 31, 2016


The next new moon will happen on Tuesday August 2 at 20h45/8.45pm UTC.
In Vedic Astrology, this new moon will happen in Cancer, ruled by the Moon.

A Cancer Moon is nurturing. What would you like to nurture for the next two weeks?

Some people asked me if “something bad” is going to happen on Mars/Saturn conjunction (two planets passing through the same degree) on August 24. If the conjunction does not hit your chart directly, and if you can play it safe during this period, then there should be no problem at all. Mars is the planet of action (throttle), and Saturn is the planet of restriction (brakes) so if you will try to forcefully advance a project, then you might experience some frustration. But if you know some brakes are applied with good reason, then there is no problem – the awareness matters. Mars and Saturn were transiting the same sign since February this year without conjuncting each other, so this conjunction might bring the issue to a head or actualise what the issue was all about. In August, you might also see many frustrated, upset people around you.
So in August, the best course of action is to remain philosophical and calm. The transit suggest there could be some family, children issues. People might feel frustration around those issues but if it is something we cannot do anything about, all we can do is to accept. The actual solution might come up after September.
To reply to the question above about “something bad”, what is “bad” is somewhat subjective. Something that is to our detriment, disadvantageous to us can be perceived as “bad”. But is it not a case of “impermanence”? How “bad” is it really? If it is not a big deal, just wait a little and trust the process as our threshold might be lower this month. Contentment and gratitude is essential during this month of August. Om Shanti.