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September 1, 2016

New moon/solar eclipse in Leo, September 1, 2016

The next new moon/solar eclipse will happen on September 1 at 9h06 UTC.

Every human being has a distinct personality. Even identical twins are different. And even if two people were born exactly at the same time at the same place, circumstances change according to the choices that the person made at various points in life. Taking into account one’s tendencies at birth but trying to correct the path and growing up is a theme that will last a lifetime.

Some people might think it is too painful and may go the easier way. If one continues to be automatically angry because there is some anger tendencies at birth, there is no transformation. But in order to transform oneself, one needs proper understanding, discipline and patience. This is not an easy path! The solar eclipse tomorrow will provide some support to this kind of transformation. It will provide some tailwind to the person seeking the right direction.

One of the most important highlights of this year, the Saturn/Mars conjunction is finally over and those who felt a strong frustration towards the second half of August will feel a reprieve as the month goes. Mars moves away from Saturn and on the 18th, it will move to the next sign of Sagittarius so the frustration energy will gradually fade away.

Mercury retrograde has started on August 30, don’t forget to back up your data! Communication can be distorted or delayed, so until September 22 when it will go direct again, it is better to be a bit more cautious in communication or to check your business/travel details carefully. Om Shanti.