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June 28, 2022

New Moon in Gemini June 29, 2022

The next New Moon happens on June 29, 2022, at 2.50 am UTC, at 13 degrees of Gemini, Ardra Nakshatra, Capricorn Navamsha, Capricorn is the 8th sign from Gemini.

I am now in Nairobi, Kenya. Like any other country, Kenya has been greatly affected by the pandemic. As of last week, there was a renewed mandate of wearing a mask inside buildings.

But people are moving forward. Help may never come if one just waits, so many people are trying their best to move forward. If one is given the opportunity to study, the students will study really hard. Most people I came across this time were fluent in English. No matter how remote is the area one visits, someone will speak Engish. Do we still have that eagerness to do one’s best?

What does one need for communication? Communicating only with one’s heart is not enough, but only with words will not be enough either. This New Moon will help us understand the balance, what we want to convey, and how we want to convey it.

Instead of hiding behind a “this person will never understand me” (I am not saying this is not the case, it happens sometimes, but sometimes one’s tendencies or Samskara can create this illusion), how about reviewing one’s communication and contents? I hope this will be food for thought until the Full Moon in two weeks. Om Shanti.