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January 19, 2015

New Moon January 20, 2015

Our next new moon is on January 19 or 20, 2015, depending on your location. A new moon is a great timing to start something, as the light grows everyday until the next full moon.

I wrote on the January 5 full moon to think about this year’s target.
Maybe you thought of many things. The tendency would be to be a bit on the greedy side and think about doing many things!
While it is great to have many ideas, wouldn’t it be a shame if one wants to do too many things and leave things unfinished or not being able to tackle everything?

Writing helps focus our intention.
Let us not aim for anything too detailed but aim high and think of Dharma.

From January 21 to February 11, 2015, Mercury will go retrograde.
It is a good time to review our communication or projects. The keyword for this retrograde is to listen. This is a great period to listen not only to other people’s words but to our inner voice. Those who patiently listened to their inner voice may receive a great reward by mid-February.

Communication may be prone to misunderstanding so it is important to try to be clear in what we speak/write. Om Shanti.