February 3, 2015

Full Moon in Cancer February 4, 2015

The next full moon is on February 3rd or 4th, 2015 (depending on the location). In Vedic astrology, the full Moon happens in Cancer and is auspicious as the Moon is in its own sign and conjunct exalted Jupiter.

The last new moon in Cancer happened on July 27, 2014, and back then I wrote: “About six months later, on February 4, 2015, we will see a full moon in Cancer which will become a check point halfway through the year – the timing when we will be able to check how we are faring”.

So here we are at this point where the stars say: so how are you faring with the intention you placed? Did you progress a bit towards what you were aiming for?
If yes, good! Or you may receive insights at this time as the Moon is full of nurturing light. Even if you didn’t, don’t worry; take advantage of this full moon to seek for deeper inner light to seek for further guidance. If the sky is clear, you will see Jupiter just next to the full Moon.

It’s a good time to think what truly makes you happy for the next two weeks. Not necessarily materially but what makes your heart rejoice. Om Shanti.