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December 6, 2022

Full Moon in Taurus December 8, 2022

The next Full Moon happens on 8 December 2022 at 4.18 am UTC, 21 Taurus 51. Retrograde Mars is right next to it at 21 Taurus 56. Nakshatra is Rohini.

In the northern hemisphere, now is the time when the days are the shortest.
Leaves fall from the trees. But does this mean that abundance is no more? Within the trunk and the branches, preparation for spring is underway. But we get caught by the illusion of external appearance. If the trees wither, we may think there is no more future. Now is the time for preparation. It is the time to get rid of what we don’t need and quietly focus on what we need to do for springtime.

Mars’ influence means it will be a highly charged-up full moon. When there is a lot of energy, if we use it the wrong way, it may lead to anger, frustration or just saying what we don’t need to say. The influence of our actions may be long-lasting, so beware.

Just as we need to be aware of our thought patterns, we also must be constantly aware of our energy levels. If we are in tune with our energy, we will be able to receive the power of this Full Moon positively. If being aware of our own energy is a new concept, let us use this Full Moon to regularly check how much energy we have and if that energy is available for us to use. If we don’t have any surplus of energy, we won’t be able to transform it into action. Let us be aware of how much energy we can use. If we are depleted, maybe we are wasting our energy with unnecessary worries. Om Shanti.