Blog / Jyotish
November 25, 2016


The new moon will happen on Sunday 30 October, at 9h38 GMT.

Personal relationships – including any relationship you have with anyone, partners or colleagues – are one of the most difficult things in the world. But people cannot live completely alone either. This new moon prompts you to rethink about personal relationships if things are not smooth right now.

At some point in our life, we all tend to think it is somebody else’s fault, we all compare ourselves with others and become envious, we all become sad at why we are bullied or the burden is put on us so much.

But what if others are merely a mirror showing us what we have to experience? What if someone we thought we didn’t like had a side of them we were secretly envious of? If we think we are trying so hard but we are not valued enough, what if we let go of trying so hard?

Thinking along this line might give some relief for relationships and for ourselves. It is important to be aware and to understand. To that extent, we will have to transform ourselves and our existing thinking. This new moon will provide the opportunity for transformation as well as the courage we need to transform ourselves. May this new moon provide you the key for a beautiful metamorphosis. Om Shanti.