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November 25, 2016


The next full moon will happen at 13h52 GMT on November 14.
Unfortunately it is raining on the east coast of Australia where I am now, but yesterday I took a long walk in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney under a beautiful moonlight.

Maybe the strength of one person may not be enough to achieve something important, but when individuals unite, something big may be started. As I wrote the other day, currently the situation might be volatile but if each person can be mindful not letting oneself taken by the worries or the fear, the situation will gradually stabilise.

So it is important to view the situation rightly, more than ever before. The light of the full moon can purify one’s concerns. Even though it may be cloudy, the Moon is shining very brightly over the clouds. It is just not visible because of the clouds, and maybe we have been creating the clouds ourselves. When the clouds disappear, the Moon will shine over our darkness to dissipate our fears and worries. Om Shanti.