May 19, 2023

New Moon in Taurus May 19/20, 2023

The next New Moon happens at 4 degrees Taurus on 19 May 2023 at 3:53 pm (UTC). Nakshatra is Krittika, and Navamsha is Aquarius.

There is energy in the words we speak.
Positive words have positive energy, and negative words have negative energy.

And if the thoughts that came into our mind were the same? Do you think no one notices because they are not externalised as words? Our body absorbs those negative words, thoughts and feelings like “what a useless person I am”, “why can’t I even do this?” and so on. Why not use this new moon as an opportunity to change that?

This New Moon happens near the Moon’s exaltation degree, so it is a time of emotional sensitivity and abundance. This is an excellent New Moon to think about the influence of the negative emotions we constantly tell ourselves, stop feeding our mind with negativity and change them into positive ones! Om Shanti.