June 3, 2023

Full Moon in Scorpio June 3/4, 2023

The next Full Moon happens at 19°07 Scorpio on 4 June at 3:42 (UTC). The Nakshatra is Jyeshta, and the Navamsha is Sagittarius.

This full moon is an emotional full moon. Being emotional is not a particularly negative thing; it also means we can get to know what kind of emotions we carry within us.

However, there is also the possibility of becoming too emotional. As the water element is powerful right now, in the same way that too much rainfall causes flooding, uncontrolled feelings may cause some emotional flooding.

The outpouring of emotions may be triggered by what someone said or because something happened. This is the perfect full moon to become aware of what that trigger was. Because if we can become aware, the next time something similar happens, the emotional turmoil may affect us less.

We get the triggers we need. Instead of automatically feeling upset, angry, anxious, sad or emotional, let us think, “what was the trigger?”. We might come across some kind of unexpected hidden emotion. Om Shanti.