July 2, 2023

Full Moon in Sagittarius July 3, 2023

The next Full Moon happens on 3 July at 11:38 am UTC, 17°07 Sagittarius. Nakshatra is Purva Ashada, Virgo Navamsha.

Our mind is always influenced by events we believe are ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. The more we purify our minds, the less extreme our thoughts will be, but it is still impossible to reach unbiased impartiality. For this reason, we must constantly improve ourselves and devote ourselves to getting as close to true rightness as possible.

Racists feel their opinion is correct. The idea actually comes from a fear of the unknown, but they do not doubt that they are right. For this reason, the racist feels that people different from them are bad (therefore, it is okay to speak ill of, bully or reject the target of racism). Is this right?

We take some kind of action every day. That action is karma, and the consequences come back to us. For example, a person gets a Jyotish reading. If, due to incomplete knowledge or an inflated ego, the Jyotishi gives the person insecurity, fear or false information/expectations, that is negative karma for the person who did the reading. But it is impossible to wait to acquire complete knowledge before doing a reading. Therefore, we have to continue purifying our mind, and keep on studying, and do the best we can at the time. This applies to any facet of our life. How can we avoid creating negative karma? Or how to reduce that negativity as much as possible? This is a full moon that will give us hints on these matters.

This full moon is called Guru Purnima, a day to honour the guru (teacher) who teaches us many things in life. Guru means to dispel darkness, so he/she is someone who sheds some light. Gurus also cannot escape the law of karma and are accountable for their words. Because of the responsibility carried in the message, we need to be careful not to create negative karma. Happy Guru Purnima! Om Shanti.