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December 26, 2023

Full Moon in Gemini December 26/27, 2023

The last Full Moon of 2023 happens on 27 December at 0:32 am (UTC) at 10°36 Gemini. Nakshatra is Ardra, and Navamsha is in Capricorn, Ashtamamsha.

The beautiful fresh green tree leaves in spring will eventually change colour and become fallen leaves.
The fallen leaves eventually decompose and become leaf mould, compost for the next generation of plants. There is no waste in this process. No plant complains “it’s dirty” because the litter is “rotten”. Soil mixed with leaf mould becomes healthier, and new plants grow in it. And the cycle repeats itself.

Every cycle we experience is the same: 2023 is over, but we are all in the middle of different cycles. There are hard times, and there are happy times. There is no waste of time and experience anywhere in it. If we remain conscious of what is happening and what it is telling us, we can see where we are at the moment.

Thank you for reading my monthly messages in 2023.
I wish you a healthy and peaceful year in 2024. Om Shanti.