January 10, 2024

New Moon in Sagittarius January 11, 2024

The first New Moon of 2024 happens on 11 January at 11:56 (UTC) at 26°32 Sagittarius. Nakshatra is Purva Ashada and Navamsha is Scorpio.

There is no end to the study. Even when we feel like we have understood something, the next challenge will soon appear. Is someone who says, “I am self-realised” really enlightened? At the same time, some people are frustrated that they don’t understand and feel they are not worth much. If we study hard, we will slowly and gradually understand, even if we don’t realise it. The issue is being self-critical because we don’t come close to the image of “someone who totally mastered the subject” that we create for ourselves with our false expectations. Where is the middle way?

It is to acknowledge ourselves as we are now. It is to clearly see where we are at the moment. And then accept it. It is not about how one should be, but how we are now. Let go of the judgments of good, bad, right and wrong, and see ourselves as we are, even though we are not perfect. If we are doing well enough, acknowledge that – that’s where the year starts. By looking at ourselves now, rather than chasing unattainable New Year’s resolutions, we can see the first steps we need to take towards the future. Om Shanti.