February 10, 2024

New Moon in Capricorn February 9/10, 2024

The next New Moon happens at 26°29 Capricorn on 9 February 2024 at 10:59 pm (UTC). Nakshatra is Dhanishta, Navamsha is Leo and the Sun and Moon are Ashtamamsha.

We often use the word ‘abundance’, but what is true abundance?
Usually, when we think of abundance, we think of money. But wealth is not just about money. Could we say that a person who spends very little to try to save hard and has a lot of money in the bank account, is wealthy?

It is a difficult balance to find because we need to sustain ourselves, but I would like to share something interesting that happened to me today. I wanted to give a Rudraksha as a gift at the Chidambaram temple, where Lord Shiva is said to have danced the cosmic dance as Nataraja. So I asked our Swami to bless the Rudraksha at the Temple tank and gave it as a present. Immediately after doing so, I was able to receive a bag full of Rudrakshas as Prasad. This was truly positive instant karma, instant cause and effect. By giving out, it came back to me many times over. But it does not necessarily come back to those who are reluctant to share. Isn’t that also the law of the universe? Why not share a little more money, time, effort or energy than usual? This will be a powerful new moon to think about such things. Om Shanti.