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January 25, 2024

Full Moon in Cancer January 25/26, 2024

The next Full Moon happens on January 25, 2024 at 2:54 AM (UTC) at 11°03 Cancer. Nakshatra is Pushya and Navamsha is Libra.

There is a timing for flowers to bloom. Some flowers bloom all year round, while others bloom only once every few years. Some flowers die before they become buds, while others can bloom spectacularly if the conditions are right.

It can also depend on the environment in which the seeds are planted, or the weather conditions at the time. Giving too much or too little water may not help the growth of the plant.

We want the flowers of our life to bloom too, but sometimes things may not go well. Sometimes, after trial and error, we may figure out what conditions are right for blooming, and sometimes just a slight change in the environment will produce beautiful flowers. There is a timing for everything, so even if our steady efforts do not bear fruit at the expected time, it is important not to give up. If we don’t give up and keep trying to improve ourselves, our efforts will pay off. 

This auspicious full moon is called Thaipusam in South India and is the day to commemorate the victory of Lord Murugan, associated with planet Mars, over the demon Surapadma. No matter when the flower within us blooms, victory will come if we continue our steady efforts. Om Shanti.