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March 10, 2024

New Moon in Aquarius March 10, 2024

The next New Moon happens at 26°05 Aquarius at 9:01 am (UTC) on 10 March 2024. The Nakshatra is Purva Bhadra, Navamsha is in Taurus, and the Moon is exalted in Navamsha.

There are collective thoughts in our global society, and when there is a war somewhere in the world or news of a recession, they spill over not only as material effects but also into our collective consciousness. Situations where prices are higher, and people tighten their spending, are some of the possible effects. Even if everyday life has not necessarily changed, the way we think may become increasingly pessimistic, and we may enter a downward spiral.

When thinking about how to raise upward our collective consciousness, it is essential to think about our own happiness and how to rebuild it. One may think that thinking about one’s own happiness in this situation is self-centred! But that may be because we have a different definition of happiness. Whatever our environment, there is a lot of joy out there. Thinking that one is not happy if we don’t have money or material things is a concept that comes from our ego. Smiles and love are free, but if there are conditions attached to them, true happiness cannot be found.

The next New Moon in a month will be an eclipse, and it will represent a time when we seek a fundamental change in the way we nurture ourselves and others. Before we can nurture others, we need to nurture ourselves. If we are not fulfilled, we cannot smile at others. Think about what prevents you from smiling, and when you smile, are there any conditions attached to it? Take a month to think about this. If you can think positively about that, you can make good use of today’s new moon (and Maha Shivaratri two days ago). Om Shanti.