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March 24, 2024

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Virgo March 25, 2024

The next Full Moon Lunar Eclipse happens on 25 March 2024 at 7.00 am UTC, at 10 degrees 55 of Virgo, Hasta Nakshatra and Aries Navamsha.

When we look at this photo, how do we feel? I took this photo because I thought it was pretty that a bird held a flower in its mouth, but maybe the flower was just food for the bird. We give meaning to everything according to what our minds dictate. For someone who doesn’t like birds, this may be yet another harmful and noisy animal. For bird lovers, this may be something pretty. So, where is the truth in all this? Everybody thinks they are right. We can all have different opinions and co-exist on this earth peacefully, but so many people are showing hatred, and why? Because they think “they” are different from “us”.

The mental tendencies of those people come from the deep fear of the unknown, but it is easy to be taken in by propaganda, conspiracy theories, and hearsay. On this lunar eclipse, we will see many of those ideas and illusions; many secrets may come out in the open, and many changes may happen. If we mix mud and water, the muddy water will prevent us from seeing clearly. From now until the Full Moon in two weeks, the water may be muddy, but if we leave it in a quiet place, the water will separate from the mud, and we will be able to see clearly again. Let us learn how to breathe deeply, enjoy nature, and let us learn how to be just calm and peaceful. Om Shanti.