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January 9, 2017

Full moon in Gemini January 12, 2017


The first full moon of 2017 will happen on January 12 at 11h34 GMT.

Since we have been given the opportunity to be born on this earth, we would like to experience many things and learn various subjects. But unfortunately there are only 24 hours in a day. Time and death are two of the very few things that are perfectly equal to everyone.

So how are you going to spend those 24 hours? By wanting more experience, more learning, more this, more that, aren’t you halfway through too many things?

There are many paths to climb the mountain. There are gentle and slow slopes or steep ones. We can change the path we take according to our own situation at the time. We can take a rest if necessary. But if you continue climbing upwards every day, even a few inches, we can look back and think “wow, I have come a long way already”. The important thing, in my view, is to keep on looking upwards.

In this society where any imaginable material “stuff” is available, if we act only based on our desires or if we compare ourselves to other people or become jealous, we may fall in an endless downward loop. Real bliss is within us, and is not satisfied by possession or attachment. We do not need to become a recluse or a hermit, but until the next new moon in two weeks, it would be good to think about realistic expectations and contentment. Then, the path will unfold naturally in front of you. Om Shanti.