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April 3, 2024

New Moon Solar Eclipse April 8/9, 2024

The next New Moon is a Total Solar Eclipse happening on April 8, 2024 at 6.21 pm UTC, 25 degrees 12 minutes of Pisces, Revati Nakshatra, Aquarius Navamsha.

Studying the details carefully and seeing the bigger picture is exactly the opposite. It is a bit like looking at all the details of one specific tree or, on the contrary, using a drone to see the forest from above. Both are necessary, but we shouldn’t get bogged down in too many details, and we should also avoid having our heads completely in the clouds to try to reach the heavens. Then, what should we do?

A lot can happen for the next two weeks. The events happening until the next Full Moon can set us off balance at first, but being off balance will help us understand where the balance is. It is not a good time to start something, rather, to focus more on where the balance is. It is always challenging to understand our own balance if we think too much or if we get confused. Using our reaction to what happened as a reference can be a powerful guideline in the future. Om Shanti.