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February 24, 2017

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aquarius Feb. 26, 2017

The next new moon/solar eclipse will happen around
14h26 GMT on February 26.
From now until middle of next week, the shadow planet Ketu is prominent in the transit.
Ketu brings dissatisfaction.
It brings dissatisfaction so we can be aware of Moksha or self-realisation, but many people get trapped in their ego and in the workings of Maya.
When we are dissatisfied, our mind becomes confused.
When the mind becomes confused, we lose its peace.
The way out is contentment.
And to love ourselves exactly as we are at that point in time, because we all have everything we need.
This does not mean that we should be just satisfied with ourselves to the point of not aspiring to the higher self.
Looking upwards is always necessary.
But people become trapped by trying to blindly satisfy our ego
and forget to value and love ourselves.
What are we dissatisfied with?
Is it something dictated by our ego and the material world?
Have we maybe forgotten about gratitude and keep on complaining that things did not go our way?
Or is it dissatisfaction created by the higher aspirations.
Dissatisfaction based on ego creates a negative influence not only on ourselves – because anger and resentment boomerangs back at us – but also onto others.
By being content about ourselves and becoming aware of what we aspire for, we can also send some positive influence to the world.
By becoming aware of the negative feelings given to us by this solar eclipse, we can continue to purify them. Om Shanti.