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March 12, 2017



The next full moon will happen on March 12 at 14h54 GMT.
The brain is a very intelligent thing. It can provide us with justifications that are very cleverly crafted, that sometimes we might be tempted to fall into them. “This bag is 50% off and this brand never discounts so much, so even though I cannot really afford it, I’ll buy it”, “this earning opportunity is borderline illegal but no one will find out and I need money so I’ll go for it”, “I’ll take this shortcut and pretend I didn’t and nobody will know”. It may not be this extreme but we all tend to justify our small actions on a daily basis. I’m not preaching righteousness to the extreme – as we have to take a break! Enjoying a nice cake or buying some nice clothes once in a while is quite okay if not necessary 🙂

Lance Armstrong was saying in an interview that what he regretted the most was not necessarily in taking the illegal drugs to win cycling races but in how he vehemently denied his wrongdoings afterwards. When we lie once, we have to lie even more to cover the lie. And sometimes we even believe in those lies our brain has fabricated.

The Universe has a role to balance the ripples we create over lifetimes. The planets make us realise – sometimes kindly, sometimes harshly – about what we have to experience. So every action we take, be it good ones or negative ones, will have far reaching consequences. Being aware of this for the next two weeks will make our life richer.

Be kind to yourself but also understand that being kind to oneself doesn’t mean you can buy the bag that is 50% off if you cannot afford it. Do think about what this really means. Is it the brain fabricating some soothing justification or is it really about being kind to oneself? Being truly respectful to oneself brings kindness to the Universe. This full moon is a good timing to meditate on this. Om Shanti.