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May 22, 2017



The next new Moon happens in Taurus on May 25 at 19h45GMT.
When I’m doing an astrological consultation, I sometimes say “it will be good to be creative for the upcoming period (of three months, six months, one year, etc.)” or “focus on your creativity during this time”. Many people will reply “oh, but I’m not good at drawing or being artistic.”
Creativity is necessary for arts of course but it’s not only about being artistic. For a number of reasons, we all tend towards easier, automatic patterns in our daily life and repeat those patterns without giving enough thoughts. Or sometimes, because we are all influenced by our past life, unconsciously we can fall into the trap of feeling angry, worried or fearful.
And it’s exactly about getting free from those patterns that we have to get creative! What kind of clues can we get so we can free ourselves from those ruts and patterns? In which area do we need to be brave to achieve that? This new moon and the coming two weeks until the full moon should give you the right hints.
From small things to big things, happiness that comes from owning things is temporary. This is a time to get a sense of fulfilment by increasing the spiritual wealth in our heart and mind rather than getting material satisfaction by buying/owning or focusing on more stuff. Om Shanti.