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June 23, 2017



The next new moon will happen on June 24, at 2.31am GMT.

A seed will not sprout as soon as you plant it.
It may be necessary to prepare the environment and the soil and you also need to water the seed. The timing of sowing the seed and weather will also influence the outcome.

Maybe now is the timing when people are impatient because it is not sprouting quickly enough.

But this new moon signifies that now is the time to sow your project’s seeds. We might not know which flower will blossom later, but we have to remain patient and keep on watering the seeds. If we give too much water the root will rot. If we give up and do not give any water, the plant will die. If we manage to remain conscious and are careful in growing it up slowly, beautiful flowers will blossom around new year in 2018.

In Iceland, the seeds will survive a tough winter and blossom in the spring even if they are in a harsh environment. Om Shanti.