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July 22, 2017



The next new moon will happen on July 23 at 9h46 GMT.

This new moon will happen in the sign of Cancer. The Moon rules Cancer so it is comfortable in its own sign, but it is with the Sun and very close to Mars, two “hot” planets. On this emotional new moon, it is important to take care of one’s breathing. We tend to breathe shallowly when we get emotional. Let us be aware of our breath by breathing deeply, doing Pranayama or undergoing breathwork therapy.

In August, we will experience a lunar and a solar eclipse, together with some challenging transits, so it may be an eventful month. Regular introspection is key to understand our motivation and it is also a period when spiritual Sadhana is more effective. It is a good time to be kind and loving to the others and to oneself, use our discrimination to keep things in perspective and be as detached as possible. Om Shanti.