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July 8, 2017



We will welcome the next Full Moon on July 9 at 4h07 GMT.

This Full Moon is very special. There are several special degrees in Vedic Astrology but this Full Moon happens at one of those degrees, and can be used for auspiciously cleansing oneself and the world.

The problems of the world is one of Ego. How “I” am different compared to the “others” – how superior I am, how inferior I am, how richer I am, how poorer I am, how comfortable I am, how uncomfortable I am – everything determines the value of one’s “Ego”. But we are already perfect as we are so comparing ourselves to the others is in itself a mistake.

Instead, increasing compassion to the others will lead to our own purification. In more practical terms, this means if we can be of selfless service (Karma Yoga) to other people, let us do that. It can mean doing some volunteer work or on a smaller scale, if we have the means to donate money, time, skills, or even sending a smile makes a difference.

This Full Moon will highlight all this. It is also the time for Guru Purnima, a day to send gratitude to all the teachers around us, including those who teach us by showing us a negative example. I hope we will all be able to feel the blessing of this auspicious Full Moon and spread the auspiciousness around us. Om Shanti.