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May 15, 2015


The next new moon is at 4h13 GMT on Monday 18 May, 2015.

This new moon happens on Monday in Europe and Australasia. Monday is ruled by the Moon itself and this new moon has a rather complex energy.

The Moon is close to its exaltation degree so it is a very fertile Moon. Emotions run deep, intuition is strong and the previous night and Monday night is very good for meditation, reflection, gentle yoga and spiritual practices. A new moon happens when the Sun and the Moon are aligned on the same degree, so the Moon receives no light. During the dark night of the Moon, we can see what is not visible. So it may bring new awareness on your emotions and happiness.

Jupiter is still exalted – it is still a good time to set your intention on understanding what one needs to learn to improve. If you already know in which direction you want to go, you can ask so that obstacles on your path may be removed.

But this new moon is influenced by other planets. The Mars/Saturn opposition I wrote about on the last full moon is exact today Friday. Many people may experience or may have experienced frustration, irritation and/or anger, maybe due to lack of expected progress or unexpected problems. This influence will gradually wane but is still continuing on this new moon. The positive use of this is to learn how to go with the flow, or use physical or spiritual energy with awareness. It is not just about wishing for good things, but to consciously take time to slow down and look within or meditate, or chant mantra. Or to be patient and let go of something – for example, just be alcohol free or sweets free or fast on this day. Try to be silent. By sacrificing something dear to oneself, our mind can be a bit more still and connect more powerfully with one’s emotions.

If one tries to go against the flow forcefully or to just enjoy the pleasures of the material world, this new moon may bring dissatisfaction and loss of peace of mind.
The answers are within us. On this new moon, let us not seek answers outside, and try to fault other people or things, but let us look within. Om Shanti.