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November 3, 2017



The next full moon will happen on November 4, at 5h23 GMT.

Saturn’s transit which affected us for the past three years is now over and until January 2020, Saturn will move through the sign of Sagittarius. Whatever Sagittarius signifies in your chart will be influenced by Saturn’s transit.

For the next two years and a few months, the key will be “what is right and how to discipline oneself based on that”. There might be many occasions where we might be tempted to do something because “nobody else will notice” or “nobody will see me do it”. But even if it is a little bit, the balance of the universe will be a little bit affected. The issue here is “what is right”. As taught with the “Yama and Niyama” in the Eight Limbs of Yoga, doing what is right is not easy. Depending on the circumstance, doing what is right might even be detrimental to ourselves. But still, it is important to think what is the right thing to do and try to do what feels right as much as we can. We are governed by the laws of causality. By thinking and acting in this way, we can reduce our own suffering. Om Shanti.