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July 3, 2015


The next full moon will happen on July 1-2, 2015 depending on your location. Apologies I was unable to upload my new moon message due to unforeseen circumstances, thank you for your messages of support. This message is sent to you from Reykjavik, on the last day of my stay here in Iceland.

Have you found any new information or new energy since the new moon two weeks ago? Maybe you still may not know about how to use it or maybe some adjustment is still taking place – but everything is okay, for the timing to make the most of it will come sooner or later. In order to do that, please cherish all the people you meet along the path, either you like them or not. They are all here to teach you something. If you live everyday mindfully, you will be able to pinpoint the very timing when you will feel you will be able to use them.

Around July 12 to 14 will be a period when everything you have earned and learned since June a year ago will be purified, unnecessary things removed, and you will be shown the road to step up to a newer place of learning.

Let us nurture creativity within us. Do not stick to the past routine but create a new path making the most of your past experience. Even if nothing dramatic happens, in a year you will be able to see a transformed person from chrysalis to butterfly. Om Shanti.