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July 14, 2015


The next new moon happens on July 15/16 depending on your location.

Conveying ideas and thoughts can be a tricky thing. Misunderstandings can happen, and also how important something is perceived varies from one person to another.

It is similar between cultures. The other day in Iceland, a friend was explaining to me that some Icelandic people can be very direct about what they want and can sometimes be perceived as brash. On the other hand, in Japan we navigate through what is called “honne (real,honest thought)” and “tatemae (something that the speaker does not necessarily think but says for the sake of maintaining politeness/social rule/one’s face)”. I’m not saying which one is right or wrong, but if one does not take into account this kind of cultural difference, confusion and misunderstanding can easily happen.

It is also important to have one’s own opinion on various subjects in order to properly communicate one’s thoughts. One needs to take the habit of thinking for oneself and not blindly believe in what other people said or wrote.

To that extent one needs to learn creatively and experience many things to understand what is good/suitable for ourselves. To that extent, no experience ever goes wasted.

People’s mind change and/or evolve. One’s thoughts are based on one’s experiences and people act/react accordingly. This new moon will make you think along those lines. What is important for you and what are you going to learn/how are you going to act to move towards that direction?

Also, do you have some energy left to send love to others and to society? Let us think about how we can save our own energy and nurture our environment, and also about what we want to learn for the next 12 months to achieve that purpose. Om Shanti.