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April 15, 2018



The next new moon will happen on April 16, 2018 at 1.57am GMT.

The patterns we were born with are sometimes very difficult to understand. If we were born with a lot of anger, we feel anger all the time. If we were born to feel rejected, we will feel rejected all the time. If we were born fearful, all our feelings are coloured with fear. First we have to understand that pattern, then we can modify our behavior. But it takes time to go through that process.

So a good start is to care about ourselves, to heal ourselves, and to allow this to happen, so that we can inch through change. This new moon indicates a good possibility to start healing ourselves, or healing others if we have a lot of love within us. How can we feel reborn and rejuvenated? It will still take time but we can start learning about how to make the change possible. Om Shanti.