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April 28, 2018



The next full moon will take place on Monday 30 April at 0.58am GMT.
There is no such thing as perfect balance. We all try to reach a certain balance between the mental and the emotional, the material and the spiritual, the self and the collective, etc. But sometimes achieving a perfect balance becomes too much of a focus and we forget to look at the bigger picture.

If we obsess about balance, we will look too much at the tree, not the forest and lose our sense of perspective and creativity. So from this full moon until the next new moon in two weeks is a good time to detach and watch where we are without being too pushy or greedy.

Until May 10, Mars will be very strong so it will bring in a lot of active energy. However, it may also bring some frustration/anger which could trigger some accidents. It is a good time to shake it off by moving one’s body, so if we feel upset, it is good to go for a walk, do some yoga or sport to regain some balance. Om Shanti.