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June 26, 2018

Full Moon in Sagittarius June 27/28, 2018


The next full moon will happen in Sagittarius on June 27 at 9.53pm in Grass Valley, CA and on June 28 at 4.53am GMT.

With Mars turning retrograde on the previous day still very slow and following the path of Ketu also retrograde, people may get impatient because seemingly things may not progress as quickly as they want, and also people may not see things correctly. Desires can arise or we can be overly pessimistic or optimistic, so it will be important to separate any wishful thinking from reality.

If something is delayed, it is for a reason. So don’t fret, just do what you have to do now, without thinking to give up entirely or be too frustrated. We may understand the cause of this delay until later but now things can take a bit of a mysterious turn. Just go with the flow and trust the process. What we see now might not be what we will get eventually. It may be even better than imagined, but if we give it up now, we will never know what it was. Om Shanti.

(The photo is of a deer that appeared as I was taking photos of the full moon, and it disappeared quickly. The link is Mrigasira Nakshatra which symbol is the head of the deer linked with Moon/Chandra/Soma and Mars ruling the Nakshatra)