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June 13, 2018



The next new moon will happen in Taurus at 7.43pm GMT on Wednesday 13 June.

What do we think with our head, and what do we feel in our heart? If the thought and the feeling are the same, there is no problem. But if they contradict each other, which one will you believe? Because the mind rules both, it is not possible to believe 100% one or the other. Sometimes we have to choose what is more practical, and sometimes we have to ditch what our brain says and go with the intuition.

The calmer our mind is, the more detached we are from the situation, there will be less contradiction. To believe the head (information) or the heart (intuition)? What kind of past experience is at the base of our decision? Are we viewing things properly or are we fooled by an illusion? How do we purify our mind? Those are the things to focus on the fortnight from this new moon. Om Shanti.